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Alexey Soldatkin

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Date and place of birth: February 25, 1955, Kamyaneche, Kirovograd region, Ukraine. Degree: Dr (Habil), Biotechnology. Year awarded: 1999. Degrees: Full professor. Year awarded: 2004. Place of work: Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Present position: Head of the Laboratory of Biomolecular Electronics, Member of the Scientific Council of Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of NASU, Member of Working Group of Complex Program of NASU "Investigation in the field of sensor systems and technology. Honours and awards: Ukrainian State Award in the field of science and technologies, 1986; Personal award from Soros Foundation, 1998; Diploma of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 2003. Number of publications: more than 150.

The main scientific directions of the research:

The scientific activity of Alexey Soldatkin is mainly focused in the field of applied sciences and is devoted to the fundamental and technological questions of bioelectronics and development and fabrication of novel analytical systems - (micro/mono/multi) biosensors based on various electrochemical and optical transducers and biological material (enzyme, living cell, components of immunochemical reaction). The most important results are obtained in the development of biosensors for medicine, biotechnological practice, food control, and environmental monitoring. Numerous international grants, wide cooperation with advanced laboratories in France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain, fruitful participation in key scientific meetings can be considered as an evidence of world acknowledgement of priority and importance of the achievements in this field.

International Grants:

Telephone: 380 44 526 43 97. Fax: 380 44 526 0759. E-mail:

The main publications:

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